27th December 2020.
pulse oximeterThe oxygen saturation is an important tool used in triage of COVID 19 patients to determine the need of hospital admission and mechanical ventilation. Oxygen saturation is measured most commonly using a pulse oximeter placed on the tip of the index finger of the hand. An unusual study that was published recently in the BMJ  found that the pulse oximetry readings correlated with actual hypoxaemia closely in white Americans. Oximetry however significantly underestimated the degree of hypoxaemia in african Americans. An explanation for the link between the colour of the skin and the underestimation of hypoxaemia was not clearly explained. The findings of this study have huge implications on the usage of oximetry for triage for COVID 19 in a multi racial society.

2nd October 2020.
Wearing a face mask does not reduce blood oxygen levels. A popular myth busted by a scientific study.

15th September 2020.
Respiratory followup of patients who are recovering from COVID 19.  An exhaustive state of the art review.

2nd September 2020
A recent study by S. Verma and M. Dhanak published in the Journal, Physics of Fluids (Journal of the American Institute of Physics) demonstrated that face shields and masks with exhalation valves are less effective than cloth masks, surgical masks and N95 masks in preventing aerosol and droplet spread related to COVID 19.  This  has huge implications for policy making for the containment of COVID 19.  Face shields are not adequate substitutes for face masks. A mask with an exhalation valve protects the wearer but not others who are in close contact.

20th August 2020
An interesting meta-analysis of many studies looking at antibiotic prescriptions for common cough threw up an interesting observation that honey was as good or better than antibiotics for for quick relief. The study was conducted at the University of Oxford lead by Hibatullah Abuelgasim and recently published in the BMJ Evidence based Medicine Journal.

August 16th 2020
According to a recent study nitrate supplementation could improve the functioning of the diaphragm (the main respiratory muscle) in the elderly.

22nd July 2020
Current management guidelines for malignant pleural mesothelioma from the ERS and EACTS

20th July 2020
Prone positioning of ventilated patients with severe COVID 19 pneumonia has been found to be useful. Prone positioning may be useful in nonintubated, awake but oxygen dependent patients as well according to this study.

18th July 2020
COVID 19, Tuberculosis and poverty – an intertwined and deadly mix.

13th July 2020
Home mechanical ventilation is now a reality. One does not need to be in a hospital for this.

10th July 2020
The RALE score (Radiological assessment of lung edema) has excellent diagnostic and prognostic value in the management of ARDS.

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